Do I have to be an inspector to be a member?

No. The IAEI is for anyone in the electrical industry and are highly encouraged to be involved.

What are the benefits of being a member?

 As a qualified electrical professional, you have the ability and knowledge to power an entire city. But with that power comes a greater responsibility to customer safety. People rely on you to install and inspect electrical installations that affect their daily lives — such as their homes, workplaces, and schools.That’s why staying current in the electrical industry and being involved in a professional organization of peers is an important responsibility that is vital to public safety. Knowing what to do and being actively involved can mean the difference between keeping someone safe from electrical accidents and causing potential fire and death due to improper installations. When you join IAEI, you receive exclusive benefits to thank you for your membership. You also enjoy the satisfaction of helping to support a broad range of IAEI initiatives that effect everyone who cares about electrical safety. [Thirty percent (30%) of dues are allocated to IAEI magazine.] 

What are the classes about?

The classes can contain updated NEC code changes, grounding, hazardous locations, health care facitlities, pools, and more. We try to take the input from the attendees to taylor to what they would like learn about.